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You Be The Judge and Jury is a FREE on-line book exposing the acts of rebellion, sedition, insurrection and treason being committed by the Federal Reserve Banks, IRS, U.S. Government against We the People.  The United States Government, Federal Reserve Banks, IRS, Internal Revenue Service,  the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Governors, lawyers, judges, FBI, and CIA have been committing treason, rebellion, insurrection, and waging war against its people under the War Powers Act of 1917, as amended, March 9, 1933.  It's all right here in black and white! Let's Make A Deal offers further proof of the Crimes being committed. God, Satan "The Illuminati" and Bible Prophesy Exposed! The defendants in the case are the Board of Governors Federal Reserve Banks, IRS and the United States Government et al.  You be the Judge and Jury! The final verdict of Guilt or Innocence is entirely in your hands!

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The Zeitgeist Movie

Winner of the 2007 Best Feature Documentary

This Free Video is about what is really happening behind the scenes in the world in which we live.  If only a fraction of this documentary is true, then it is very serious.  You owe it to yourself to watch this movie about what the "man behind the curtain" has planned for "your" future.

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"The heavens will reveal their inequities and the earth shall rise up against them." Job 20:27

The Master Plan

"The wicked plots against the righteous. They devise injustices, saying, We are ready with a well-conceived plot . . ." (Psalms 37:12, 64:6)

 * Satan - The great enemy of man and goodness (the Hebrew word for ADVERSARY was originally used as a common noun)












"Will not your creditors rise up suddenly, . . .
Indeed you will become plunder for them.
"Behold these are the wicked: and always at ease,
they have increased in wealth." "

(Habakkuk 1:7, Psalm 73:12)

Prior to the Great Depression, America was experiencing the Roaring 20's. The economy was flourishing, manufacturing out-put was on the rise, and all of a sudden on October 29, 1929, the stock market crashed and the Nation fell into the Great Depression. The events that lead up to the Great Depression were unique, to say the least. America did not lack able bodied workers, consumer needs did not decrease, and the country did not lack manufacturing capabilities. Nevertheless, America went from the Roaring 20's and virtually over-night fell into a Great Depression. What America did lack was an adequate supply of money. Credit dried up as the Federal Reserve retracted the money supply. Consequently, banks stopped making loans to businesses and consumers and, started calling in outstanding loans. As a result, businesses and investors started selling their stocks in order to raise the necessary capital to keep their head above the water and pay off their loans. The people also withdrew their money from the banks to pay their debts, etc. The Great Depression was the direct result of actions taken by the Federal Reserve System. The same system that was created under the pretense of providing the nation with an elastic money supply, turned against us during years of good fortune. There is no question about it, the Federal Reserve created the Great Depression and, has caused every recession since 1913. The Great Depression was nothing more than a massive transfer of wealth from the hands of the working class to the hands of the MONEY-CHANGERS. The Federal Reserve System must be destroyed.

In his first inaugural address, March 4, 1933, President Roosevelt said of the Great Depression, "Values have shrunk to fantastic levels; taxes have risen; our ability to pay has fallen; . . . the withered leaves of industrial enterprise lie on every side; farmers find no market for their produce; the savings of many years in thousands of families are gone. More important a host of unemployed citizens face the grim problem of existence, and an equally great number toil with little return . . . Yet our distress comes from no failure of substance . . . Nature still offers her bounty. Plenty is at our doorstep, but a generous use of it languishes in the very sight of supply. Primarily this is because the rulers [MONEY-CHANGERS] of the exchange [banks] of mankind's goods have failed, . . . have admitted their failure and have abdicated. Practices of the unscrupulous money-changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion, rejected by the hearts and minds of men . . . They know only the rules of a generation of self-seekers . . . Yes, the money-changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization. We may now restore that temple to the ancient truths. The measure of that restoration lies in the extent to which we apply social values more noble than mere monetary profit." This speech sounds like the MONEY-CHANGERS were about to be sent away empty handed. Roosevelt's words were no more than political rhetoric to appease the people. He was one of their agents, as you will see.

We already know the Federal Reserve has taken possession of our nation's gold, but the real question we should be asking is, "How did the THIEVES get possession of our gold and silver?"

After creating the Great Depression, the Federal Reserve Board of New York created the following resolution: "WHEREAS, In the opinion of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the continued and increasing withdrawal of currency and gold from the banks of the country has now created a national emergency, and

WHEREAS, It is understood that adequate remedial measures cannot be enacted before tomorrow morning,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That in this emergency the Federal Reserve Board is hereby requested to urge the President of the United States to declare a bank holiday . . ."

The MONEY-CHANGERS created the emergency and then requested the President to declare a bank holiday. President Roosevelt followed their resolution and declared March 6-9, 1933 a Bank Holiday and, the worst was still to come. What trick did the MONEY-CHANGERS have up their sleeve.

They drafted the following Proposed Executive Order to be issued by the President:

"WHEREAS the nation's banking institutions are being subjected to heavy withdrawals of currency for hoarding; and

WHEREAS there is increasing speculative activity in foreign exchanges; and

WHEREAS these conditions have created a national emergency in which it is in the best interest of all bank depositors that a period of respite be provided with a view of preventing further hoarding . . .

WHEREAS it is provided in Section 5(b) of the Act of October 6, 1917. . . that "The President may investigate, regulate, or prohibit under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe . . .

WHEREAS it is provided in Section 16 of the said Act that "Whoever shall willfully violate any provisions of this Act. . . Shall, upon conviction, be fined not more than $10,000, or . . . imprisoned for not more than ten years, or both . . .."

What did President Roosevelt do 30 days after he made the aforesaid inaugural address? On April 5, 1933, President and Traitor Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the following Executive Order: "By virtue of the authority vested in me by Section 5 (B) of the Act of Oct. 6, 1917, as amended by Section 2 of the Act of March 9, 1933, entitled `An Act to provide relief in the existing national emergency in banking and for other purposes', in which a mandatory Act Congress declared that a serious emergency exists, I Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States of America, do declare that said national emergency still continues to exist and pursuant to said section do hereby prohibit the hoarding of gold coins, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States by individuals and corporations . . .

All persons are hereby required to deliver on or before May 1, 1933 to a Federal Reserve bank or agency thereof or any member bank of the Federal Reserve System all gold coin, gold bullion and gold certificates now owned by them or coming into their ownership on or before April 28, 1933, except the following:

(b) Gold coin or gold certificates in an amount not exceeding in the aggregate $100.00 belonging to any one person; and gold coins having been recognized special value to collectors of rare and unusual coins . . 

Section 9; Whoever willfully violates any provisions of this Executive Order or of these regulations or of any rule, regulations, or license issued there under may be fined not more than $10,000, or, if a natural person, may be imprisoned for not more than ten years, or both . . ."

It is amazing the Federal Reserve even went as far as informing the President that his power and authority was provided in Section 5(b) of the "Act" of October 6, 1917. When Roosevelt followed "the unscrupulous money-changers" proposed Executive Order to confiscate our gold, what did the American people do? They fell for the con-game hook, line and sinker. They quietly marched down to their local bank and turned in their gold. Just like good little sheep do when the herder herds them up to be fleeced. If you still believe in anything a politician says, you need to have your head examined to see if there is any gray matter between your ears.

The "Act" of October 6, 1917, as amended, brought the following fury from members of Congress:

Congressman McFadden - Mr. Speaker, I regret that the membership of the House has had no opportunity to consider or even read this bill. The first opportunity I had to know what this legislation is was when it was read from the Clerk's desk. It is an important bill. It is a dictatorship over the finance in the United States. It is complete control over the banking system in the United States . . . I have been calling attention for some years past to the manner in which the Federal Reserve has been conducted, and have predicted that it would lead to this kind of situation . . . The first thing that must be done is to audit the United States Treasury. [Applause]

We want to know, the people of the United States want to know, the condition of the Public Treasury and the obligations that are outstanding. We want to know the amount of gold in the Federal Reserve System. We want to know the total outstanding Government obligations. This is the time to draw the line, and may I say to you Democrats here that if you do not draw the line through the Treasury operations now and the Federal Reserve operations, you will be enmeshed in all the things that they have been doing, and they have been doing some things, as I have pointed out heretofore, or we would not be in the condition we are in today . . . This situation demands a house cleaning. Confidence in this country will not be restored until the people of the country know the condition of the United States and the condition of the Federal Reserve Banks . . .

The first section of the bill, as I grasp it, is practically the war powers that were given back in 1917, with some slight amendments."

Congressman Lundeen - "Mr. Speaker, today the Chief Executive sent to this House of Representatives a bill for immediate enactment. The author of this bill seems to be unknown. No one has told us who drafted this bill. There appears to be a printed copy at the Speaker's desk, but no printed copies are available for House Members. The bill was driven through the House with cyclonic speed after 40 minutes' of debate . . .

I have demanded a roll call, but have been unable to get the attention of the Chair. Others have done the same . . . Fifteen men were standing, demanding a roll call, but that number is not sufficient; we therefore have the spectacle of the great House of Representatives of the United States of America passing, after 40 minute debate, a bill its Members never read and never saw, a bill whose author is unknown. The great majority of the Members have been unable to get a minute's time to discuss this bill; we have been refused roll call; and we have been refused recognition by the Chair . . .

I want to put myself on the record against a procedure of this kind and against the use of such methods in passing legislation affecting millions of lives and billions of dollars. It seems to me under this bill thousands of small banks will be crushed and wiped out of existence, and that money and credit control will be still further concentrated in the hands of those who now hold the power . . .

I want the Record to show that I was, and am, against this bill and this method of procedure; and I believe no good will come out of it for America. We must not abdicate our power to exercise judgment. We must not allow ourselves to be swept off our feet by hysteria, and we must not let the Executive paralyze our legislative action. If we do, it would be better for us to resign and go home - and save the people the salary they are paying us." (Congressional Record, March 9, 1933)

In 40 minutes the greatest Gold Heist in the history of civilization took place on Capital Hill.

he confiscation of America's gold supply in 1933 was only the beginning. According to the book, "The Federal Reserve System, Purposes and Functions", published by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve (Dec. 1985): "The GOLD CERTIFICATE ACCOUNT represents, in effect, warehouse receipts issued to the Reserve Banks by the Treasury against its gold holdings. In return the Reserve Banks issue an equal value of credits to the Treasury deposit account, computed at the statutory price of $42.22 per fine troy ounce. Because all gold held by the Treasury as of the date has been monetized in this fashion, the Federal Reserve Bank's gold certificate account of $11.1 billion represents the nation's entire gold stock. New gold certificate credits may be issued only if the Treasury acquires additional gold . . ."

"The title to the Gold owned by the United States is in the Treasury and that the Reserve Banks hold claims on it." ("The Federal Reserve System Purposes and Functions", Published by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, 1954)

Further proof that our entire gold stock has been transferred to the Federal Reserve can be found in "Statistical Abstracts of the United States". In 1992 the total value of the U.S. gold stock was $11.1 billion. (Published by, "The Bureau of the Census", 1993)

There you have it straight from the horse's mouth! The Federal Reserve holds claim to our entire nation's gold supply in the form of Gold Certificates. In return they have given us credit in the amount of $42.22 per ounce. If we apply simple math, we will discover the Federal Reserve has not only taken our gold, they have greatly understated the value on their "Consolidated Statement of Condition of All Federal Reserve Banks" of March 28, 1984 in order to hide their theft:

Gold certificate account - $11,114,000,000 ($11.114 billion) divided by $42.22 per ounce = 263,240,170.53 (263.240 million) ounces of gold.

However, on March 28, 1984 gold was selling on the open market for $389.50 per ounce (N.Y. Times, March 29, 1984) x 263,240,170.53 ounces = $102,532,046,423.50 ($102.53 billion).

Between 1992 and September of 1994, the government acquired another 9 million ounces of gold were transferred to the Federal Reserve under this Gold Give-Away Act.

Not only have the MONEY-CHANGERS created the "credits" that they used to buy our gold out of thin air. They cheated us out of $91,418,046,423.50 ($91.41 Billion) of credits. With the thousands of volumes of Laws, there must be a law against cheating us out of $91.41 billion of Funny-Money credit. How stupid of me not to realize they have already created a law that says, "Robbing the Peter to pay Paul is OK, as long as, Peter doesn't WAKE-UP."

Now, let us take a closer look at how the Federal Reserve was able to strike such a deal. The statutory price of $42.22 was the result of Section 2 of the "Par Value Modification Act", Public Law 93-110, as amended, passed by Congress on September 21, 1973. However, on September 21, 1973 gold was selling on the open market for $126.30 per ounce. Nearly three times than the statutory price of $42.22 per ounce. In return for our gold, the MONEY-CHANGERS gave us "out of thin air credits". Soon after the deal was made, Gold was selling on the open market for as high as $850 per ounce. How does it feel to be fleeced?

I wonder if the Government will let American Citizens participate in this swindle? I would be more than happy to give the government $42.22 of "worthless" Federal Reserve Notes for an ounce of our gold. So I decided to write the Secretary of the Department of Treasury a letter requesting the necessary forms and information to carry out this transaction. Something tells me he is going to respond by saying, "I am sorry but you don't have a license to steal. We only issue those to banksters."

In his private diary the Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Morgenthau wrote: "If anybody ever knew how we set the gold price through a combination of lucky numbers, and so forth, I think they would really be frightened." ("The Peoples Pottage" by Garet Garrett) It is just a game to them, they make up the rules as they go along. Let alone playing by their rules.

I hate to say it, but we have the kind of government we deserve. We have allowed them to continue down the path that will ultimately lead to our destruction. We must stop turning to government for solutions. They are the enemy and by no means are they the cure. I challenge the reader to find anywhere in the Constitution that gives the President the power or authority to issue an Executive Order. If, We The People did not grant the President the power or authority under the Constitution, then Executive Orders are simply unconstitutional. If they are lawful and valid under the Constitution, what would prevent the President from issuing an Executive Order such as: "By the powers vested in me, I hereby invoke upon the people Executive Order #666, whereas, all citizens must report to the U.S. Department of Mental Health for psychiatric evaluation, no later than Dec. 31, 1994. Failure to do so, will result in a 20 year prison sentence in a padded cell and/or a $10,000 fine."

Perhaps, the above described Executive Order isn't such a bad idea after all, our nation does need to undergo a psychiatric examination as to why, we are allowing these Traitors to get away with this what they are doing to us.

Men like Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Patrick Henry must be turning over in their grave. I am sure if they were alive today, the Second Shot would have already been heard around the world.

The United States Code, 12 U.S.C., states ". . . the terms lawful money and lawful money of the United States shall be construed to mean gold or silver coin of the United States." If "lawful" money is gold and silver, what kind of money would be "unlawful"?

Even the State Constitutions prohibit what the Federal Reserve is doing. For example, Article IV, Sections 34, of the Constitution of the State of California (1849) reads: "The legislature shall have no power to pass any act granting any charter for banking purposes; but associations may be formed, under general laws, for the deposit of gold and silver: but no such association shall make, issue, or put into circulation of any bill, check, ticket, certificate, promissory note, or other paper, or the paper of any bank, to circulate as money."

Section 35 reads: "The legislature of this state shall prohibit, by law, any person or persons, association, company or corporation from exercising the privileges of banking, or creating paper to circulate as money."

Our founding Fore-Fathers were so adamant on a gold and silver based currency, they made it a part of the Constitution of the United States of America. Article 1 Sec. 10 Clause 1 states, "No state shall coin money; emit Bills of Credit; make any thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts." The Tenth Amendment reads: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by the States are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people." We gave Congress and only Congress the power to coin and issue our money supply and to regulate the value thereof. We did not give them the power or authority the transfer our money to a private corporation. America has the best Congress money can buy. We are victims of our own inactions.

Despite what the Constitution says, Chapter 48 of the 73d Congress, reads as follows: "Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That (a) every provision contained in or made with respect to any obligation which purports to give obliges a right to require payment in gold or a particular kind of coin or currency, or in an amount in money of the United States measured thereby, is declared to be against public policy . . .

All coins and currencies of the United States (including Federal Reserve Notes and circulating notes of the Federal Reserve banks and national banking associations) heretofore or hereafter coined or issued, shall be legal tender for all debts, public and private, public charges, taxes, duties, and dues, except that gold coins, when below the standard weight and limit of tolerance provided by law for the single piece, shall be legal tender only at valuation in proportion to their actual weight." (Approved, June 5, 1933, 4:40 P.M.)

Please note the above is declared to be against public policy, and not against the law. There is a clear and distinct difference between policy and law. Also note that they made Federal Reserve Notes legal (not lawful) tender for all debts. They even had the audacity to say if a $1 gold coin did not have the standard weight, you would receive less of their COUNTERFEIT money. I guess if you are going to take someone to the cleaners you should clean them out of everything you can.

In essence, the MONEY-CHANGERS have emptied our Treasury and forced us to deliver our Gold to them via an Executive Order signed by one of their paid agents. In return for our gold they gave use their worthless "fiat" money! How can it be that a piece of paper represents $1.00 and the same paper with two 00's added to it can be worth $100.00? Can an ounce of gold be worth $350.00 and another ounce of gold be worth $35,000.00? Of course not! Nevertheless, the MONEY-CHANGERS have done exactly that with a worthless piece of paper. To pour salt on the wound they charge us interest on their counterfeit money. It is time we awaken to the truth and demand the return of our money supply to who it rightfully belongs, WE THE PEOPLE.

Specifically officers and agents of the Federal Reserve System, members of the United States Congress, the President and judges are engaged in a Conspiracy and a Racketeering enterprise to use, tender and circulate money in the form of criminal Federal Reserve Paper that is in violation of criminal statues. Don't you think it is time to bring them to trial, for their crimes against our nation?

The law is simple! The Supreme Court declared in Marbury vs. Madison: "Law repugnant to the Constitution is void." And so are their Federal Reserve Notes and the loans they have created out of thin air.

The Sixteen American Jurisprudence, 2nd Section, 177 states: ". . . An unconstitutional statue though having the form and name of the law, is in reality no law, but is wholly null and void and ineffective for any purpose. It implies no duty, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on acts under it. No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional statute and no courts are bound to enforce it."

In 1933 the MONEY-CHANGERS robbed us of our Gold and in 1965 they robbed us of our silver, leaving us with fiat paper money and copper clad coins. At the signing of the Coinage Act of 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson said, "When I have signed this bill before me, we will have made the first fundamental change in our coinage in 173 years. The Coinage Act of 1965 supersedes the Act of 1792. And that Act had the Title: `An Act Establishing a Mint and Regulating the Coinage of the United States . . .' Now I will sign this bill to make the first change in our coinage system since the 18th Century. To those members of Congress, who are here on this historic occasion, I want to assure you that in making this change from the 18th Century we have no idea of returning to it."

Ladies and gentlemen, the Coinage Act of 1965 provided, "The Treasury is authorized to sell any silver in excess of that required to be held against outstanding silver certificates for $1.29 per troy oz. to the Federal Reserve." And that's how the MONEY-CHANGERS stole our gold and silver.

The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The United States Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land, and any statute, to be valid, it must agree with the Constitution. It is impossible for both the Constitution and a law violating it to be valid; one must prevail. The Federal Reserve Act, Roosevelt's Executive Order and the Coinage Act of 1965 are in direct conflict with Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution of the United States of America.

If Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution can be negated by the legislative, by the judiciary, by the executive, or by anyone, then any part of the Constitution of the United States can be broken when deemed advisable by the legislative, the judiciary or the executive. If this part of the Constitution can be breached, then there is no Constitution of the United States of America. And your guaranteed rights, and freedoms are a forgotten dream. It is impossible for both the Constitution and a law violating it to be valid; one must prevail. Americans are standing still like docile cattle in a slaughter-house. Don't you think its time for the ALMIGHTY MASS to AWAKEN and put a stop to this senseless debt monetary system?

I hate to say it, but we have the kind of government we deserve. We have allowed them to continue down the path that will ultimately lead to our destruction. We must stop turning to government for solutions. They are the enemy and by no means are they the cure. If we do not learn from history, we are condemned to repeat it. Have our fore-fathers words fallen on deaf ears of a sleeping nation? Do our leaders truly represent us? Are they upholding their oath of office to preserve and defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic? The MONEY-CHANGERS are not just looting our nation, they are committing TREASON! Think about it! Is freedom still in the hearts of Americans, or has apathy taken its place? Let freedom ring and we will triumph in our quest to freedom and peace on earth. If apathy has taken its place, let us awaken to the truth and knowledge that shall set us free.


Liberty means Responsibility

The Zeitgeist Movie
Winner of the 2007 Best Feature Documentary

Let's Make A Deal You Be The Judge and Jury is a trial for  the acts of rebellion, sedition, insurrection and treason being committed by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Banks, IRS, U.S. Government against We the People.  Let's Make A Deal The defendants are the United States Government, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Banks, IRS, Internal Revenue Service,  President Clinton, the Supreme Court, the State Governors,  Bar Association lawyers, judges, FBI, DEA, CIA and the FDA. They are guilty of  committing treason, rebellion, insurrection, and waging war against its people.  Read the book and find out for yourself!  You'll be surprised! You Be The Judge and Jury exposes the acts of rebellion, sedition, insurrection and treason being committed by the Federal Reserve, IRS, U.S. Government against We the People Let's Make A Deal The United States Government,  Federal Reserve Banks, IRS, Internal Revenue Service,  the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Governors, lawyers, judges, FBI, and CIA have been committing treason, rebellion, insurrection, and waging war against its people under the War Powers Act of 1917, as amended, March 9, 1933.  God, Satan and Bible Prophesy Exposed!

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