To Betray A Nation

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You Be The Judge and Jury is a FREE on-line book exposing the acts of rebellion, sedition, insurrection and treason being committed by the Federal Reserve Banks, IRS, U.S. Government against We the People.  The United States Government, Federal Reserve Banks, IRS, Internal Revenue Service,  the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Governors, lawyers, judges, FBI, and CIA have been committing treason, rebellion, insurrection, and waging war against its people under the War Powers Act of 1917, as amended, March 9, 1933.  It's all right here in black and white! To Betray A Nation offers further proof of the Crimes being committed. God, Satan "The Illuminati" and Bible Prophesy Exposed! The defendants in the case are the Board of Governors Federal Reserve Banks, IRS and the United States Government et al.  You be the Judge and Jury! The final verdict of Guilt or Innocence is entirely in your hands!

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To Betray A Nation
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The Zeitgeist Movie

Winner of the 2007 Best Feature Documentary

This Free Video is about what is really happening behind the scenes in the world in which we live.  If only a fraction of this documentary is true, then it is very serious.  You owe it to yourself to watch this movie about what the "man behind the curtain" has planned for "your" future.

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The Speech That Got JFK Killed

"The heavens will reveal their inequities and the earth shall rise up against them." Job 20:27

The Master Plan

"The wicked plots against the righteous. They devise injustices, saying, We are ready with a well-conceived plot . . ." (Psalms 37:12, 64:6)

 * Satan - The great enemy of man and goodness (the Hebrew word for ADVERSARY was originally used as a common noun)












"There shall arise one who imposes taxes on the glorious Kingdom;
but he shall be destroyed . . .but he shall come peaceably
and seize the  Kingdom by intrigue."

(Daniel 11: 20-21)

Congressman Lawrence McDonald warned the nation with these words, "Money alone is not enough to quench the thirst and lust of the super-rich. Instead many of them use this vast wealth, and the influence such riches give them to achieve even more power. Power on a world scale. Power over people, not just products. Do I mean conspiracy? Yes, I do, I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning and incredibly evil in its intent." ("The Rockefeller Files", by, Gary Allen) Congressman Lawrence McDonald died on the mysterious Korea Air Lines Flight 007!

According to testimony given by Norman Dodd, former Director of the Committee to Investigate Tax Exempt Foundations, U.S. House of Representatives found the following Acts of Treason in the minute books of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: "The trustees of the Carnegie Endowment bring up a single question, namely if it is desirable to alter the life of an entire people, is there any means more efficient than war to getting that end and they discussed this question at a very high academic and scholarly level for a year and they came up with an answer. There is no known means more efficient than war, assuming the objective is altering the life of an entire people. That leads them to the question. How do we involve the United States in war. This was in 1909." Were WORLD WAR I, World War II, the Korean and Vietnam conflicts etc. just coincidences?

Mr. Dodd goes on to testify, "The trustees then answered the question of how to involve us in a war by saying we must control the diplomatic machinery of the United States. That brings up the question of how to secure that control and the answer is: We must control the State Department . . .

Now at that point, research discloses a relationship between the effort to control the State Department and an entity which the Carnegie Endowment set up, namely the Council on Learned Societies and through that entity, are cleared all of the appointments, high appointments in the State Department. They have continued to be cleared that way since then."

Mr. Dodd continues has testimony with these words: "Now, finally we are in a war, eventually the war is over and the trustees turn their attention then to seeing to it that life does not revert in this country to what it was prior to 1914 and they hit upon the idea that in order to prevent that reversion they must control education in this country. They realized that is a very tremendous, very stupendous and complex task, much too great for them alone. So they approach the Rockefeller Foundation with the suggestion that the task be divided between the two of them. The Carnegie Endowment takes on that aspect of education that has a tinge of international significance and the Rockefeller Foundation takes on that portion of education which is domestic in relationship. These two run along in tandem that way disciplined by a decision, namely that the answer lies entirely in changing of the teaching of the history of the United States." (Lt. Col. A. Roberts, "Peace By The Wonderful People Who Brought You Korea and Vietnam")

Testifying before the Illinois Joint Legislative Committee on Regional Government, Mr. Dodd spoke these startling words: ". . .I was greeted by Mr. Roman Gaither, the President of the Ford Foundation with this statement: `Mr. Dodd, we invited you to come to New York and stop in and see us in the hope that off the record you would tell us why the Congress of the United States should be interested in operations such as ours . . . Mr. Dodd, we operate here under directives which emanate from the White House. Would you like to know what the substance of these directives is? . . .

We operate here and control our grant making policies in harmony with directives the substance being of which is as follows: We shall use our grant making powers so as to alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union [communism]." (Lt. Col. Archibald Roberts, "The Most Secret Science")

Naturally, as soon as Mr. Dodd and his staff uncovered these TREASONOUS ACTS and had the necessary proof from their own minute books and confessions, the U.S. Congress under pressure from the White House stopped its investigation of tax exempt foundations, and the matter was swept under the rug. Cover-up is the way of protecting their guilty.

They have been altering and injuring human life on the basis of crimes and lies of such a magnitude, depth and proportions as to be beyond human comprehension. They must be stopped dead in their tracks!

Jefferson said it best, when he declared, "Single acts of tyranny maybe ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day, but when a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, unaltered through every change of ministers, to plainly prove a systematical plan of reducing us to slavery . . . If the people do not keep the government as their slave, they shall end up the slaves to government."

According to U.S. Supreme Court Judge Felix Frankfurter, "The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes." Boy, was he ever on target and they are doing it TAX-FREE.

President Kennedy reconfirmed Judge Frankfurter's words when he made this startling statement during a speech at Columbia University: "The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizens of this plight." He was assassinated 10 days later.

The following excerpts from a Top Secret Government document should make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and set your soul on fire.

Government Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1 entitled "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars" starts out with these startling words: "This manual is in itself an analog declaration of intent. Such a writing must be secured from public scrutiny. Otherwise, it might be recognized as a technically formal declaration of domestic war. Furthermore, whenever any person or group of persons in a position of great power, and without the full knowledge and consent of the public, uses such knowledge and methodology for economic conquest - it must be understood that a state of domestic warfare exists between said person or group of persons and the public."

Their TREASONOUS Government document goes on to read: "A nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Consequently, in the interest of future world order, peace, and tranquility, it was decided to privately wage a quiet war against the American public with an ultimate objective of permanently shifting the natural and social energy (wealth) of the undisciplined and irresponsible many into the hands of the self-disciplined, responsible, and worthy few . . .

The public cannot comprehend this weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon . . .

The public might instinctively feel that something is wrong, but because of the technical nature of this silent weapon, they cannot express their feelings in a rational way, or handle the problem with intelligence. Therefore, they do not know how to cry for help, and do not know how to associate with others to defend them against it . . . [Editor's Note: United we stand, divided we fall, and we are falling right into their hands.]

When a silent weapon is applied gradually to the public, the public adjusts/adapts to its presence and learns to tolerate its encroachment on their lives until the pressure (psychological via economic) becomes too great and they crack up . . .

Therefore, the silent weapon is a type of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality, options, and mobility of the individuals of society by knowing, understanding, manipulating, and attacking their sources of natural and social energy, and their physical, mental, and emotional strength and weaknesses . . .

The Harvard Economic Research Project (1948-) was an extension of World War II Operations Research. Its purpose was to discover the science of controlling an economy: at first the American economy, and then the world economy. It was felt that with sufficient mathematical foundations and data, it would be nearly as easy to predict and control the projectory of the projectile. Such has proven the case. Moreover, the economy has been transformed into a guided missile on target . . .

Eventually every individual element of the structure comes under computer control through knowledge of personal preferences, such knowledge guaranteed by computer association and consumer preferences (universal product code -UPC - zebra stripe pricing codes on packages) with identified consumers Identified via association with the use of a credit (debit) card."

I wonder if they were thinking of the "Trading With The Enemy Act" when they drafted this Top Secret Document. If their declared "Silent War" doesn't wake-up your Spirit, your ashes must have already been scattered over the earth by the GREAT WINDS of the NORTH. This Silent War is a covert-war, and the people are victims of forces they cannot see or understand. Yes, young men do have visions of what their world should be like, and yes, old men do have dreams of what their world should have been like. However, their visions and dreams will not come true until they WAKE-UP, and see the world for what it is. The American dream is gone, because Americans are in a Silent War they cannot comprehend, against a enemy they cannot see.

Thomas Paine said, "From a small spark kindled in America and a flame has arisen, not to be extinguished; without consuming it winds its progress from person to person, and conquers by a silent operation. Man finds himself changed. He scarcely perceives how. He acquires a knowledge of his rights by attending justly to his interests and he discovers in that event, the strength and power of despotism consists wholly in the fear of resistance." Is your spark starting to kindle? Or is your flame dead?

As the old saying goes, "Give the devil his due." Traitors are subject to death by hanging. The bankers and government have betrayed us and therefore must be overthrown and dealt with accordingly. The power to STOP these treasonous acts must be generated by forces long dormant, but still alive within the hearts and minds of each and everyone of us. Can you feel the Holy Spirit within you crying out for justice or is it still asleep?

Fortunately, some governors are starting to WAKE-UP to what has happened to our Nation and to State rights. As a result, on November 23, 1993, Governor Symington of Arizona made these daring remarks announcing the creation of the Constitutional Defense Council: "Speaker Killiar, President Greene, the other governors here and I are about to fire the first shot in a war to win back our freedom and restore to our people their right to self determination . . . The most vital decisions about our futures as States are being made for us by far-off, unelected bureaucrats and handed down like summary orders from distant Gods."


Liberty means Responsibility

The Zeitgeist Movie
Winner of the 2007 Best Feature Documentary

To Betray A Nation You Be The Judge and Jury is a trial for  the acts of rebellion, sedition, insurrection and treason being committed by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Banks, IRS, U.S. Government against We the People.  To Betray A Nation The defendants are the United States Government, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Banks, IRS, Internal Revenue Service,  President Clinton, the Supreme Court, the State Governors,  Bar Association lawyers, judges, FBI, DEA, CIA and the FDA. They are guilty of  committing treason, rebellion, insurrection, and waging war against its people.  Read the book and find out for yourself!  You'll be surprised! You Be The Judge and Jury exposes the acts of rebellion, sedition, insurrection and treason being committed by the Federal Reserve, IRS, U.S. Government against We the People To Betray A Nation The United States Government,  Federal Reserve Banks, IRS, Internal Revenue Service,  the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Governors, lawyers, judges, FBI, and CIA have been committing treason, rebellion, insurrection, and waging war against its people under the War Powers Act of 1917, as amended, March 9, 1933.  God, Satan and Bible Prophesy Exposed!

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