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What should I look for 

in a day care center?


Whether you are considering a commercial day care center or one in someone's home, you should check it out carefully. Ask questions of the staff and members. Talk to parents of other children at the day care center. Look over the center carefully. This handout gives you a list of questions to get started.

Ask about the center's policies.

bulletWhat are the center's policies on discipline and other important issues?
bulletAre the policies in writing? (Ask for a copy.)

Ask how the center cares for sick children.

bulletHow is medicine given?
bulletHow are parents told about illness among the children?
bulletWhen must children stay home because of illness?
bulletDoes the center have a "sick room" for children with minor illnesses?
bulletIs there a nurse or doctor to help with medical care?
bulletAre children required to have vaccinations before coming to day care?
bulletIs a physical exam required before admission?
bulletDoes the day care center keep a record of health-related problems, such as illnesses, injuries and accidents, for each child?

Ask about the child to staff ratio.

bulletHow many children are there for each staff member? The fewer children each staff member is responsible for, the better.  A ratio of one staff person for 6 to 8 small children might be good. One staff member for 10 to 14 older children may be okay.
bulletAre the younger and older children separated? Separating the older and younger children helps reduce the number of infections that are passed around.

Ask about staff training.

bulletWhat are the training requirements for staff members?
bulletAre staff members certified in basic first aid?
bulletAre staff members trained in child development?
bulletAre staff members trained in identification of abused children?
bulletAre staff members trained in preventing illness and injury?
bulletDoes the center have rules about careful and frequent hand-washing? This is key to reduce the spread of illness among the children. All staff members must wash their hands each time they diaper a child and before fixing meals or snacks.

Check building and playground safety.

bulletAre poison control phone numbers and ambulance phone numbers clearly posted?
bulletDoes the playground have impact-absorbing surfaces, such as wood chips, under the swings and slides?
bulletAre young children able to get to high places?
bulletAre the children protected from strangers?
bulletAre fire drills held at least every month?
bulletAre there smoke alarms throughout the building?
bulletDoes the center use space heaters?
bulletAre safety gates used in areas for small children?
bulletAre electric outlets covered?
bulletAre sharp corners of furniture covered?
bulletAre the toys kept clean? Washable toys should be washed every day with a disinfectant cleaner, such as Lysol or a solution of water and bleach.
bulletDoes the day-care staff regularly clean all surfaces with disinfectant?

What can I do to keep day care safe for my child?

bulletVisit with the staff at the day-care center. Go to meetings for family members and learn about the concerns of staff and other parents.
bulletSuggest educational programs for parents and staff members. Helpful topics include child development, first aid, dental care, skin cancer prevention, general safety and recognizing abuse.
bulletHelp with cleaning and repairs at the day-care center. Many centers appreciate parents helping out as playground supervisors.
bulletAsk your child every day about what happened at day care.

What are some signs that would tell me if there are problems?

bulletThe staff fails to answer your questions and address your concerns.
bulletThere is no way for parents to be involved in the day-care practices.
bulletYour child tells you about problems or is not happy with his or her day care experience.
bulletUnexplained accidents happen more than once.
bulletThe staff changes often.
bulletThe management can't offer you a written copy of the day-care policies.
bulletOther parents tell you about problems or concerns with the day-care center.

If you suspect there are problems, contact the agency in your state that governs day care centers



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